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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

What is Teleportation ?

What if we could able to transfer any gift from anyone person to another without any time lag? How it would be to travel to one place to another without any buses, cars, Aero plane, rocket etc. What if we can go to Andromeda galaxy in a single click ? So this is possible with Teleportation. So what is teleportation ? So it is transfer of objects from one place to another instantly (without time lag) is known as Teleportation. It is one of the most interesting things in science fiction. So here comes lots of questions, how can we achieve it ? Is it possible ? etc. Let’s see all of them

How ?

So it is not possible to transfer matter with speed more than that of speed of light. So how can we achieve it ? We know that we can carry information with speed of light so what if we extract all information of all atoms of this astronaut, transport it with electromagnetic radiations like radio waves, microwaves or optical fiber to another part of earth and reassemble all information into astronaut ? Now you will say it is cloning right ? But we have to apply some of physics rules here.

Uncertainty and Quantum Numbers

According to Pauli’s exclusion principle no two atoms have same set of 4 quantum numbers. Now What is Quantum numbers ? It is position of electron inside atom in some energy levels. There are four Quantum Numbers :-

  1. Principal Quantum Number

  2. Azimuthal Quantum Number

  3. Magnetic Quantum Number

  4. Spin Quantum Number

So in short Principal quantum number tell us about orbit of electron, Azimuthal quantum number describe shape of electron cloud and number of subshells, Magnetic quantum number is obtained by splitting spectral line into :- Magnetic field (Zeeman effect) and Electric field (stark effect) and spin quantum number describe about spin of electron.

So no two atoms has same quantum numbers and all are unique, so by extracting information we can get quantum information of that matter which will be unique.

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle it is impossible to find position of momentum of electron. This law hold good for microscopic object. So if we determine momentum and position of electron than electron will lose it’s properties. So original object will be destroyed and by assembling information of it on any other side of world we will able to teleport objects without duplicating it. So this way we can teleport with speed of light so this is yet not in a moment, it still travel at speed of 3x 10^8 m/s . So how can we achieve it in no time ?

Quantum Entanglement

It is quantum property in which quantum state of two or more than two objects are describe reference of each other even though physically objects are at astronomical distance. This lead to correlation between observable physical properties of this system. So in short by this method we can transfer information instantly. So we can transport information of atoms by this method in order to achieve teleportation instantly.


  • Quantum entanglement is currently in very early stage

  • We don’t have any technology by which we can allot 4 quantum numbers to atoms

  • Objects have many atoms it is very very very difficult to allot same position to all atoms during re assembly, a minor mistake will result in grater loss

  • We have to establish re assembly stations in other galaxies in order to teleport to that galaxy

  • Speed of Light is limit, it is very slow at astronomical distances

So this was my article on Teleportation, hope you like it…if so than do subscribe with E mail and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

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