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SCE-200 : 🇮🇳's First Semi-Cryogenic Engine

Updated: Jun 5, 2023


  • SCE-200 also known as Semi-Cryogenic Engine - 200 ( Tonne Thrust )

  • Developed by Liquid Propulsions Systems Centre ( LPSC ), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. ( Part of ISRO )

  • ISRO's 2000kN Semi-Cryogenic Engine will use Liquid Oxygen (LOX) and ISROSENE ( A Green propellant for use in future rocket & satellite propulsion systems, Basically rocket grade version of kerosene ) More About it Here:- ISROSENE LINK

  • It's an Oxidizer Rich Staged Combustion Cycle Engine that will be Used to Power ISRO's Future Medium and Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles, which help ISRO to deliver more payload into Space.

  • It will first Replace the 2 VIKAS Engines of the LVM3 Core Stage with 1 SCE-200 Engine. Even that New 1 Engine can Produce more thrust than the Previous 2 Engines. Which Help's in the Increase Payload Capacity of the LVM3 Launch Vehicle.

  • The engine however will not be the part of first flight of Gaganyaan, India's first manned mission to space given timelines and schedules

  • There are speculations that this engine will be used in ISRO's Future Next Generation Launch Vehicle (NGLV) Previously termed as Unified Launch Vehicle (ULV)

  • In 2009, the SCE-200 program was approved for ₹1798 crore (US$230 Million) and the program to develop a 2 MN class or 2000 kN Class main engine began

3D Render of SCE-200 Render from HAL
SCE-200 Render from HAL

More-Info:- (Technical Details)

Designer of the Engine

Development years

from 2005

Engine Type


Under Development



Chamber Pressure

180 Bar or 18 MPa (2,600 psi)

Thrust in vacuum

2,030 kN ( 203 Tonne )

Thrust at Sea-Level

1,820 kN ( 182 Tonne )​

Specific impulse (Isp) in Vaccum

335 s (3.29 km/s)

Specific impulse (Isp) at Sea-Level

299 s (2.93 km/s)


60% to 105%


3 Turbo Pumps

1. Main Turbopump

2. Fuel Booster Turbopump

3. Oxidiser Booster Turbopump

Nozzle Expansion​ Ratio

​Will be Updated

​Burn time

​Will be Updated


​Will be Updated

Engine Dry ​Weight

2,700 kg​


​Will be Updated

Combustion Camber

Single Combustion Chamber

​Will be Updated


Used on

NGLV ( formerly ULV )

Test Stand Info:-

  • ISRO had a Newly Commissioned Semicryogenic Integrated Engine & Stage Test facility at the ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri.

  • The newly established test facility at IPRC, Mahendragiri, is capable of testing semi-cryogenic engines up to 2600 kN thrust and will support the subsequent testing and qualification of the fully integrated Semicryogenic engine and stage.

Semi cryogenic engine test stand picture
Semi-Cryo Test Stand

Panoramic view of Semi cryogenic test stannd
Semi-Cryo Test Stand (panoramic view)

Oshin Yt Channel


Satellite view extracted from Google Earth
Satellite View ( Google Earth )

Power Head Test Article for SCE-200 Engine
Power Head Test Article (PHTA) for SCE-200

Semi cryogenic engine render by isro

Slide showing infographic which represent high capacity Indian Satellite Launch vehicle

200 kilo Newton Semi cryogenic engine

SE 2000 Semi cryogenic engine

Objective and Salient feature of 2000 Kilo NNewton semi cryogenic engine

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