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Indian Navy and ISRO ointly released the Gaganyaan Recovery Training Plan at Water Survival Training Facility (WSTF) at INS Garuda, Kochi on 24th May. Read More


LIGO started Observation round four or O4 on May 24th. Read More 

NASA has found a polar cyclone on the gas giant Uranus for first time. Read More


XSpace by zetagravit

On the 7th of October, 2023, Zetagravit is organizing 'X Space' in celebration of World Space Week 2023 at 9 pm IST or 15:30 UTC, in an online format on X (previously on Twitter). We will be discussing exciting topics with our esteemed guests, such as Space and Entrepreneurship, How to become an Astronomer in India (both professionally and as an amateur), The work they do, and the roadmap of ISRO (Past, Present, and Future). The medium of communication will be English, and we welcome audiences from around the globe. Click here to know more

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